Membership to Plains Builders Exchange is a company membership and as such all DIRECT employees of the member company enjoy full use of the services. Subcontractors, affiliated companies, joint partnerships, etc. are not considered part of the member company and are not afforded membership rights.

The undersigned hereby makes application for membership at Plains Builders Exchange, Inc. agreeing to abide by all policies set forth of the organization.

Applicant acknowledges Users Agreement and Planroom Policies and abides by the regulations.

Upon receipt of application, membership information will be forwarded. An invoice will be sent if applicant pursues membership. The invoice is due UPON RECEIPT.

Renewal of membership dues: Term is 30 days. If payment is not received, the membership will be cancelled. Termination of membership will take place at end of month one year after membership begins. If member decides to reinstate, a fee will be addition to the membership fee.

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