CSI MasterFormat™ Sub-Division List
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CSI Code Short Description Extended Description
02300 Earthwork

023000 Subsurface Investigation

02310 Grading Finish Grading
Rough Grading

023100 Geophysical Investigation

023113 Seismic Investigations

023116 Gravity Investigations

023119 Magnetic Investigations

023123 Electromagnetic Investigations

023126 Electrical Resistivity Investigations

023129 Magnetotelluric Investigations

02315 Excavation and Fill Backfill
Borrow Excavation

02317 Trenching for Site Utilities

023200 Geotechnical Investigations

023213 Subsurface Drilling & Sampling

023216 Material Testing

023219 Exploratory Excavations

023223 Geotechnical Monitoring Before Construction

02325 Dredging

02330 Embankment Armoring
Earth Dams
Soil Embankment

02335 Subgrade and Roadbed Pre - watering of Excavation Areas
Subgrade Modification

02340 Soil Stabilization Asphalt Soil Stabilization
Cement Soil Stabilization
Geotextile Soil Stabilization and Layer Separation
Lime Slurry Soil Stabilization
Lime Soil Stabilization
Pressure Grouting Soil Stabilization

02350 Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement

02357 Bituminous Material for Tack Coat

02360 Soil Treatment Rodent Control
Termite Control
Veggitation Control

02370 Erosion and Sedimentation Control Cement Concrete Paving for Stram Beds
Erosin Control Blankets and Mats
Geotextile Sedimentation and Erosion COntrol
Mulch Control Netting
Paved Energy Dissipators
Riprap and Rock Lining
Rock Barriers
Rock Basins
Rock Energy Dissipators
Slope Paving
Synthetic Erosion Control and Revegetation Mats
Turf Reinforcement Mats
Water Course and Slope Erosion Protection

02380 Scour Protection

02390 Shoreline Protection & Mooring Structure Breakwaters

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