December 11, 2019
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Private Projects

Welcome to Private Projects, a bidding service provided by Plains Builders Exchange, Inc.

General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Owners may use this service to post any private project and limit access to subcontractors and suppliers by providing a unique, system generated access code, to their selected group of bidders.

Subcontractors and suppliers may use this service to gain access to project information, plans, specifications and addenda, even if they are not members of a participating association.

NOTE: You must have an assigned password in order to access project infomation. Passwords are provided by the general contractor, architect, engineer or owner who has requested your bid.
Contractors are advised that they are responsible for obtaining all amendments and addenda.

GENERAL CONTRACTORS, OWNERS, ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS who would like to use Private Projects to post their projects may call Plains Builders Exchange, Inc. at (605) 334-8886 or email us at   We encourage all of you to take full advantage of this remarkable program.